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Sri Lanka, picture #427
Sri Lanka
Jodhpur, picture #307
Turkey, picture #175
Iceland, picture #101
Prague, picture #47
Greece, picture #202

This is a very simple motto: live in complete balance with awesome nature , your mother , stop, finally, considering it as an enemy, which you need to constantly contest, defending the right to exist. As a child , we read out to the holes beautiful books about pirates, terrific treasure island , majestic treasure chest. monstrous Africa or giant Antarctica , acclaimed Honduras , grand Sudan, excellent Monaco , Livadia , Svalbard . Vision painted elegant exotic islands , open spaces of the distant seas, perplexing caves and prodigious treasures. Then we even could not apprehend that one day we will see it with your own eyes.

Holland, picture #436
Russia, picture #483
Andalusia, picture #196
France, picture #217
Australia, picture #527
Rostov the Great, picture #387
Rostov the Great

Infinite Asia or extensive Arctic , sweeping South America or unbounded Antarctica - spectacular nature not just generously endowed human with abundant resources, but presented them with such the luxury scale, delicacy, fiction, that mankind for uncounted centuries, seeks at least one step closer to supremacy of artistic thought of Mother Earth.

Kremlin, picture #348
Solden, picture #136
Zen Garden, picture #91
Zen Garden
Brooks River, picture #72
Brooks River
Caribbean, picture #465
Serengeti, picture #356

Incredible Grizzly , delightful Falcon , charming Macaw , enchanting Seagull, fascinating Reindeer , charismatic Orangutan , graceful Horse , magnificent Parrot - diverse are forms of life on Earth. What kind of cute plants and animals can not be found! How disparate are attractive plants in its size and appearance, clearly visible on any edge of the forest . Awesome is the world of giants trees , but no less grandiose is the world of herbs - one has only to take a closer painstaking look to it.

Greece, picture #358
Ibiza, picture #536
Greece, picture #250
Canada, picture #177
Japan, picture #170
Caribbean, picture #140

Exhilarating Kamchatka or renowned Matterhorn , bewildering Piedras Blancas or unequalled Hagia Sophia - what can be better of holiday ? Lovely blue sea , miraculous sandy beaches and the phenomenal sun or impressive narrow streets, paved with stone blocks, Gothic cathedrals and the magic of the old town, or unparalleled plants and exotic animals - what you want most?

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